About Us


The name WaVeritas is a combination of the word water and the Latin word for truth. The first letters of the two words (WV) put together can form the symbol of 8 a sign of perpetuity. Challenges and solutions with regards to environment and society are much like water in our view. Water is essential for living and surviving, very powerful and in its entirety not frameable. As adverse environmental impacts are manifesting at an increasing rate, the awareness and the search for viable solutions intensifies. The required change is pervasive across all aspects of life and beyond what we understand today. Managing social, environmental or governance related developments is vital for individuals, corporations, nations and investors.


Arising from the interest to integrate sustainability into investment decisions making processes, WaVeritas created its first corporate ESG rating in 2011 to support an investment thesis. The positive quantitative results supported the qualitative research findings. In 2013 the trademark of WaVeritas was registered. In 2016 WaVeritas was incorporated in Hong Kong and 2019 in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Today, WaVeritas is a trusted ESG partner for financial institutions and funds across different asset classes.

Corporate Milestones