About Us


The name WaVeritas stems from the term water and the Latin word for truth. The first letters of the two words can form the symbol of 8, the sign for perpetuity. Sustainability is much like this in our view – a flow that sustains itself – a developing reality that you want to be aware of and manage to your advantage.


Arising from the interest to integrate sustainability into investment decisions making processes, Rafael Waldmeier created the first WaVeritas rating which considered financial indicators and ESG metrics at particular weights to support decision making processes in 2011. The positive quantitative results supported the qualitative research findings and thus the firm believe in the value of ESG manifested. In 2013 the trademark of WaVeritas was registered. In 2016 WaVeritas was incorporated in Hong Kong and 2019 in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Today, WaVeritas is the trusted ESG partner for funds across diverse asset classes like fixed income, equity, commodities and private equity.

Corporate Milestones