Products & Services

ESG Strategy & Integration

Together with the client, WaVeritas establishes a forward looking and sustainability strategy that fit to the company.

ESG strategy
  • Assessment of the company’s current situation, goals and positioning
  • Formulation of a forward looking strategy
  • Definition of exclusion factors (e.g. coal, weapons, alcohol)
  • Definition of adequate commitments and selection of third-party memberships
  • Assignment of responsibilities and duties
  • Reporting
ESG Integration
  • Assessment of the company’s operations and management systems
  • Application and implementation of the sustainability strategy
  • Policy creation

Sustainability Research

At the heart of our daily work is ESG research. After developing a meaningful strategy, the actual value from ESG considerations is derived from the ongoing and active management of sustainability risks and opportunities. We believe that ESG research should be tailored to a unique strategy or corporate goal in order to be most effective. 

Our core activities include:

  • Descriptive and quantitative corporate ESG performance analysis
  • ESG fund due-diligence
  • Ongoing risk monitoring & compliance
  • Raw data research & benchmarking
  • Exclusion research & conduct-based assessments
  • ESG Scores: Please see our Methodology here: ESG Rating Methodology

ESG Compliance

The regulatory environment for ESG is rapidly advancing not only in the EU but also globally. WaVeritas manages regulatory duties on behalf of its clients and ensures their compliance with evolving regulatory frameworks in the EU, Switzerland and Hong Kong. The WaVeritas compliance framework is based on two pillars which cover corporate cover corporate and product specific criteria. Together with the client, WaVeritas assesses the situation and prepares the necessary documentation and processes so that all obligations are met on a continuous basis.

Corporate ESG Compliance
  • Strategy & Policy formulation
  • Risk Management
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Operations & responsibilities
  • Ongoing reporting and monitoring
Product ESG Compliance
  • Product-specific reports and disclosures
  • Suitability provisions
  • Prevention of missselling / awareness

Solutions for Corporate Clients

Based on our qualitative and quantitative research activities, our rating methodology, as well as consultancy activities with companies, WaVeritas gained a deep understanding about the key sustainability risks and opportunties that shape certain industries. WaVeritas supports companies in those industries in enhancing their sustainability strategy and operational and managerial processes.

“With WaVeritas we have finally found a professional company with know-how and passion for sustainability. We highly recommend their consulting and auditing services and most of all their “EU-taxonomy compliant state of the Art ESG, SDG and Impact Fund Report to asset management companies, pension funds, family offices and investment funds. Excellent.”

Novum Asset Management AG

Fund Manager, EFW Efficiency Fund

“It was refreshing to find a consultancy with so much passion for not just assessing, but also improving, the integration of ESG concepts into our fund management process. Interacting with individuals who are dedicated to a more sustainable investment world provided so much more than raw data analysis could ever hope to add.”

Jason Jones

Asset Management, KEOX ESG Bond Funds