Quantitative Research

We support clients in implementing and maintaining unique quantitative ESG scores to support the integration of material ESG impacts in corporate analysis and portfolio management.

The WaVeritas corporate and sovereign ESG rating serves as benchmark and systematic element in addition to the unique scoring mechanism. An ESG rating can add value as it allows for a systematic comparison of selected, material ESG criteria among companies within the same industry. Our ESG rating is crafted for portfolio considerations in particular including several unique factors including product impact, quantitative focus and disclosure elements. The rating dates back to 2013 focusing on pure quantitative assessments in over 50 industries and 11’000 companies. Please refer to our methodology for more information.

While an ESG rating has inherent limitations, the evidence regarding the correlation between ESG and financial performance on corporate or portfolio level has extended massively. Meanwhile, based on this growing evidence body, the value of ESG consideration is widely accepted and endorsed.